How to be Future ready in Marketing.!!

Ajay Khurana
7 min readMay 1, 2021

Many of us thinks that Marketing is all about selling the product and service and earn profit out of it. We all have seen that many organisations spent a Fortune in the promotion of their product and service and a fraction on the R&D of that product. As a result, they capture few new customers but unable to retain them.

So, where is the problem.????

In this blog, I will try to put some light on the thing which we are not considering while doing the Marketing of our product, service, firm or even ourselves.

Lets understand one thing very clearly that Marketing is not about sympathy, its about EMPATHY. If we are not able to understand our customer then we are not going to grow no matter how much we have spent on advertising or other promotional activity. It is being rightly said that “Marketing starts much before the launch of the product/service in the market.”

Understanding Customer Needs requires the understanding of few concepts which we are going to discuss further viz. nCATT, Mass Trust and Integrated digital marketing framework.

1. Products and Service

As I mentioned earlier that Marketing starts much before the development of the product, so we have to understand that whether there is any market for our product or not.

The Aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. -Peter F Drucker.

Once we understand this, then we have to create such a product which the people can use even after 20–30 years i.e the viability of the product.

Few years back, when Apple launches its first iPhone, no one has ever thought of such a phone which can respond to human touch. Same is the case with SpaceX where not even a single person has thought about the concept of such a rocket which can be reused.

I know that not everyone can come up with such a product but at least we should be able to visualise the future of our product for coming 10–15 years.

Once you are ready with the product, let’s move on to our next step which is to understand the importance of building the BRAND.

2. BRANDING —Why is it so important for any Business.??

Branding is like Wine, the older it gets the valuable it becomes.!!

As a business owner, we should focus on building the BRAND whether it is about building the personal brand or the organisational.

The ultimate aim of branding is to make your brand name the synonym of the product.

Few examples of such brand is -

  1. Dude, Make a “XEROX” of this page.
  2. Bhai “Ola” book kar de.
  3. Bro, “WhatsApp” this image to me

You can see how these brand name has been converted into a Verb. But, its not that easy. The most important step in building a brand is understanding your customer and provide them the value 10X greater than what they are expecting. This help in building trust in you, your product and your organisation.

If some one understands it then for them there is no looking back. Always Surprise your customer.(Positively :))

This is the reason we have to understand the marketing strategy thoroughly so that we can be future ready.

Let’s understand that how we can level up our branding game through Mass Trust

3. What is Mass Trust?

Mass Trust is a process by which an individual evolve as a personal brand by learning, implementing, consulting and mentoring.

How can we create our Personal Brand.?

In today’s scenario, it is very important to create a personal brand as the audience root for the individual and can relate to the product with the quality of the owner.

For Ex — Apple was not going to be so popular if it was not for Steve Job where audience were able to understand his vision and put their belief on him.

Remember People interact with people, not the company.

A successful Brand name is not an overnight success, its a long walk down the road. It requires hell lot of learning and perseverance.

Its not about only Learning but about the Practice too. As it is rightly said that Practice makes a man perfect!

Once you have started doing the work you will learn more and then you can start sharing your knowledge with others, you can make content in the form of video, blogs or podcast and share what you have learnt with people!

Hope you have understood that why should we invest our time in building a personal brand.

Now let us see how we can level up our marketing game through nCATT and Integrated Digital Marketing!

4. nCATT — The Marketing Framework you need to Master

CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust and Transaction. The CATT framework helps you to get attention, build trust and turn your audience into life long customers!

Let’s understand this in detail.
Here is a small formula that explains the power of the CATT framework.

Wealth = n^CATT

n — Niche
C — Content
A — Attention
T — Trust
T — Transaction

Let’s understand nCATT marketing framework step by step.


First, you have to find out your niche!
Just do some brainstorming and find out what are you good at.


After you have selected your niche start creating content around that niche. You can create any form of content like Videos, Blog or Podcast.

Create content and share it with the audience.


After creating the content you have to make sure that you are putting out that content in front of the people.

Never judge your content based on some shitty metrics for example No. of likes, Shares, Subscribers etc.

Just start creating valuable content and the world will follow.


Trust is something that takes times.
When you share some valuable piece of content automatically you are building trust with your followers because they are learning from you.

You can help your followers and understand their problems and try to give them solutions. When you do this you have already built trust with your audience.


The beauty of the nCATT framework is that when you follow all the steps like creating the content and sharing it with the audience with a aim of genuinely helping out them with their problems then you are automatically building trust. So after that even if you offer your services to them they will be happy to take it and this is known as the Natural Sales Method.

Where you don’t have to “SELL” or convince the customer to buy your product.

Because you have created a strong funnel where you have already build trust with your customers by helping them through your content!

Lets take an example —

If Elon Musk creates a product he doesn’t have to convince people to buy it. Since he has already created so many innovative products that even if he creates a new product people will buy it!

because they trust him and likes his innovative products.

By now you would have got a good idea about the nCATT marketing framework.

But just imagine content creation and promotion will be very time consuming and might not help you to scale fast. Because in marketing you have to take care of so many things like Advertising, Sales, Content Writing, Copywriting, Analytics etc.

To fast-track this we use Integrated Digital Marketing.
Let’s understand what is Integrated Digital Marketing and how it can help us to set up a perfect Digital marketing funnel for our business.

5. Integrated Digital Marketing Framework — The Future of Marketing.

Integrated digital marketing means the integration of various digital marketing strategies for maximum impact on your business.

Most entrepreneurs focus on one marketing channel.
For example, they just keep doing SEO or Paid Ads to increase the traffic.

Or, sometimes many marketers keep doing email marketing for lead generation. And you know what it works but if you will see in the long term it will not yield good returns because there are chances that your customer might stop reading email.

That is why we should always take the approach of an integrated digital marketing framework.


I hope we understood why we need to focus on building MassTrust and how we can implement the nCATT framework to build our personal/company brand.

Not to forget, having a smart integrated digital marketing strategy will help one to build a strong foundation of your company from scratch.

And no matter how many customers one should always take their suggestions and feedback and provide more value than what they expect.

Happy Growing..!!!



Ajay Khurana

Digital Entrepreneur, Speaker & Marketing Coach.