My Journey from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0

Ajay Khurana
4 min readApr 22, 2021


(This is an exercise for my assignment-01 for Digital Deepak Internship program.)

Guys, today I am going to share my journey with all of you that how I went from a nobody to somebody in an interval of just 7 years. My journey is going to be an example for those who want to do something in their life but they don’t know how to start and when to.

Back in 2020, the whole world is struggling with CORONA Virus and there is not much hope left in any sector either it is organized or unorganized. I had just left my job with State Government as that was not something which I love & now there was not much I could do as the whole country was in lockdown. I had few EMIs on my head to pay & I had not much savings left to clear off my debt. I was completely hopeless & had no idea what to do. I was irritated all the time & one thing you learn in your bad times i.e. No matter how much good have you done for someone in your good days when it comes to your help in bad times, very few or close to none hands comes to rescue. Most of my friends & relatives try to avoid my call thinking that maybe I ask for money. All of that was so frustrating & I don’t know how to handle my life. I was a total wreck.

The time was going on like this & it was 05th August 2020, (Friday) when I came across my mentor Mr. Deepak Kanakraju ad on Facebook & then I decided to give it a shot as I have nothing to lose. I started learning digital marketing from him. In the beginning, I didn’t understand much as I have no prior knowledge about it but I keep on learning. I watch the training videos twice, thrice & some of them four times. My understanding starts growing and gradually I started my freelance activity for the topic which I learned. I also started teaching these topics to my brother’s friends as taught by my mentor & thus my knowledge about particular topics keeps on increasing.

After 2 years that is on 10th November 2022, I started my digital marketing company “DigiWorld” and there is no looking back after that. It was not all sunshine, in the beginning, have to struggle a lot. Let me tell you that doing freelancing and starting your own digital marketing agency are two different situations.

Today both my agency is in India’s top 10 list for best digital marketing agency. My firm has a employee strength of more than 500 people. Last Financial year i.e. 2025–26 my organization clock a revenue of 50 Cr. and we are expecting that to cross the 100Cr mark by 2030. (Finger’s Crossed)

My Bengaluru Office

As far as my personal life is concerned I own a 5BHK Flat at MG Road Bengaluru worth 3 Cr.

Home Sweet Home

I run my dream car Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Dream Car

My two son is studying at the best school of Bengaluru. I am also indulging myself with one NGO which is working for the upliftment of rescued girls. I can never imagine at that time that I can live such a lavish life and there is so much in store for me.

So, I tell everyone, who is reading this that never ever lose hope & waste your time because you never know that how much your god is keeping for you. He wants you to be the person who deserves such grandeur in his life.

So, Believe in yourself and start working.

Thanks for reading..!!



Ajay Khurana

Digital Entrepreneur, Speaker & Marketing Coach.